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XP Finds Pouch

This Pouch provides a way to keep your finds safe during your days detecting. A product that any detectorist should not be without.Fully compatible with the XP Backpack 2...

GBP 22,95
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (102 )


Garrett Keepers Finds Box

This double-sided, durable plastic box is the perfect way to protect the true "keepers" you find in the field. One compartment contains a six-slot sponge pad to...

GBP 11,95
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (102 )


Garrett Camo Find Pouch

New style camouflage Garrett Find Pouch with internal zip pocketOne Big Pocket 23 cm x 26 cm x 3 cmOne internal zip pocket 22 cm across x 9 cm height

GBP 19,95
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (102 )


Garrett Keepers Finds Box

New Garrett "Keepers" Finds Box.This double-sided, durable plastic finds box is perfect for keeping your finds while in the field.

GBP 8,00
Detecnicks Ltd (42 )


Minelab Finds & Trash Pouch

GENUINE MINELAB FINDS POUCH - LATEST DESIGN!High quality finds pouch with 5 pockets in total, and a webbing tool slot on either side. The upper part of the pouch is forme...

GBP 24,99
Crawfords Detectorbits (157 )


Minelab Shell finds pouch

New style Minelab Shell finds pouch in Grey,Two large pockets + two smaller side pockets

GBP 14,50
Crawfords Detectorbits (157 )


Lindner Pocket Coin Album + 8 Insert Pages

Lindner Pocket Coin Album + 8 Insert PagesColour Not Selectable.Lindner pocket coin album. 8 pages to hold 48 coins up to 40mm diameter. Overall size of pocket coin album...

GBP 3,99
Detecnicks Ltd (42 )


The Hopper Pouch with Steel Insulated Mug

Metal Detecting Finds Pouch

GBP 25,95
mickh007 (0)