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Evolution Spade

Stainless Steel Metal Detecting Spade

GBP 53,95
rhoco71 (127 )


Evolution Pro Cut Spade with 'D' Handle and Blade Combo

Part of the Evolution range of Digging Tools.

GBP 81,95
rhoco71 (127 )


Evolution Scoop Straight Shaft

Stainless Shaft to be used with our Evolution Scoop RangeThis is a 32 dia 1.5mm wall stainless tube with heat shrink grip.For the Evolution 360 Scoop it has a 29mm nylon ...

GBP 28,95
rhoco71 (127 )


black ada ripper metal detecting trowel stainless steel

Ripper Medium hand trowel developed for close use. Featuring a protective hand guard and serrated Ripper edge designed to assist the blade though most soil types. 16 Ga...

GBP 25,99
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (97 )