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Sister site to the Metal Detecting Forum MDF, part of this sites sales help to fund the MDF Server costs, many items at this shop are some of the cheapest prices you will find around the net, We have many popular metal detector brands from XP, Minelab, Garrett, Quest, Makro and Nokta, We also have a large range of digging tools and accessories for your metal detecting Shopping needs.

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Garrett AT Pro-Pointer

Garrett AT Pro Pointer - Waterproof Pinpointer

GBP 120,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


Garrett AT Pro International Metal Detector


GBP 570,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

Beginners / Starter Metal Detector

GBP 194,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


Garrett Ace 400i Metal Detector Extras

Inc Coil Cover, Control Box Cover, Easystow Headphones,Batteries,Instruction Manual

GBP 310,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


C Scope CS 1MX

C Scope CS 1MX

GBP 159,00
Crawfords Detectorbits (157 )


Makro Racer and racer 2 Mars Sniper Coil 10" X 6"

Mars Coil for the Makro Racer

GBP 99,00
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (99 )


Nokta impact rain covers set of 2

rain cover set for nokta impact metal detector Set of 2 c0vers 

GBP 32,00
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (99 )


A Minelab CTX Control box / Keypad sticker in Camo Green.

A Minelab CTX Control box / Keypad sticker available in Eight colours. This listing is for the Camo Green colour.

GBP 8,95
Detecting-Innovations (0)


No listings found.