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Sister site to the Metal Detecting Forum MDF, part of this sites sales help to fund the MDF Server costs, many items at this shop are some of the cheapest prices you will find around the net, We have many popular metal detector brands from XP, Minelab, Garrett, Quest, Makro and Nokta, We also have a large range of digging tools and accessories for your metal detecting Shopping needs.

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The Easy Swing MK11 Metal Detector Bungee Harness

Metal Detecting Harness Bungee

GBP 20,25
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Evolution Spade

Stainless Steel Metal Detecting Spade

GBP 53,95
rhoco71 (125 )


Evolution Scoop - Beach Sand Scoop

Stainless Steel Beach Sand Scoop

GBP 99,95
rhoco71 (125 )


Evolution 360 Beach Sand Scoop

Metal Detecting Stainless Steel Beach Sand Scoop known as the 360

GBP 87,00
rhoco71 (125 )



The perfect boot for all weather detecting.   Easy to put on and take off (unlike a welly!) and 100% waterproof (unlike a trainer!)Here are just some of the reasons why ...

GBP 69,99
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Makro 9.5x5" KR24 Black Search Coil (KRUZER Series)9.5x5" Search Coil from Makro. Designed for Makro KRUZER & Multi KRUZER.Designed to be used with the Makro KR...

GBP 125,00
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (96 )


Minelab X-Terra Control Box Cover

MINELAB X-TERRA CONTROL BOX COVERGenuine Minelab environmental cover keeps the control box of your X-Terra clean and dry. Clear plastic cover lets you see the screen and ...

GBP 29,95
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Mars Sniper Coil for the Minelab X-Tera Metal Detector 7.5 / 18.75khz

MARS Sniper Coil for the Minelab X Tera range of metal detectors this coil can operate on two different frequency 7.5khz or 18.75 khz ,LIGHTWEIGHT AND SENSITIVE, A REAL S...

GBP 139,99
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (96 )