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Sister site to the Metal Detecting Forum MDF, part of this sites sales help to fund the MDF Server costs, many items at this shop are some of the cheapest prices you will find around the net, We have many popular metal detector brands from XP, Minelab, Garrett, Quest, Makro and Nokta, We also have a large range of digging tools and accessories for your metal detecting Shopping needs.

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Evolution Spade

Stainless Steel Metal Detecting Spade

GBP 53,95
rhoco71 (130 )


Evolution Pro Scoop - Beach Sand Scoop

Stainless Steel Beach Sand Scoop

GBP 99,95
rhoco71 (130 )


Evolution 360 Beach Sand Scoop

Metal Detecting Stainless Steel Beach Sand Scoop known as the 360

GBP 87,00
rhoco71 (130 )


Evolution Extreme Blade

Metal Detecting Digging Knife, part of the Evolution Range of Digging Tools.

GBP 25,95
rhoco71 (130 )


Pirate ApoloniA Gold PRO Metal Detector

Pirate ApoloniA Gold PRO Metal DetectorLCD displayVDI indicationsBase work frequency: 18 KHzWork mode: movementHigh depth metaldetector made for work on every kind of ter...

GBP 350,00
PirateDetectors (0)



The British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme

GBP 30,00
Crawfords Detectorbits (155 )


Benet's Artefacts 3rd Edition 2014

Benet's Artefacts 3rd EditionBenet's Second Edition was published in 2003. Now, in 2014, the long awaited third edition is finally here. With an extra 250+ page...

GBP 29,00
Crawfords Detectorbits (155 )


Garrett AT Pro Control Box Cover with Visor in high-grade Camo PVC

High-Quality Control Box Cover with Visor for Garrett AT Pro, in 600 grade PVC Camo material. These covers are made in the Ukraine by and are very hig...

GBP 15,99
BlackBridgeBoy (0)


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