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Rutus Ultima Metal Detector

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK!1 x Rutus Ultima10% aready discounted for mdf forum members!!!!Two frequencies 8kHz or 16kHzEMI filter (EMI /- 400 Hz EMI distortion)Automatic gro...

GBP 330,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


Rutus Argo NE Metal Detector

1 x Rutus Argo NE10% already discounted for mdf forum members!!!! Two frequencies 6.6kHz or 16kHzHot rock adjustmentReaction speed (ground filters) - 3 levelsShort signa...

GBP 430,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


Rutus 4.75" Sniper Coil For Rutus Alter 71 / ARGO NE

1x Rutus 4.75" Concentric Coil For Rutus Alter 71 / ARGO NE2 Year Warranty!!!!!Intended to searching for coins in extremely littered areasABOUT USBased on the South...

GBP 60,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


MAS 13.5" DD Pro Coil Cover For Rutus Alter 71

PLEASE NOTE RUTUS MAS COIL IS GREY, NOT BLACK LIKE PICTURE!!!1x 13.5" DD Pro Coil Cover For Rutus Alter 71 / ARGO NE2 Year Warranty!!!!!We proudly present our pro...

GBP 135,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )


Rutus Alter 71 Metal Detector (Double Coil Pack) (Version 2.0)

1 x Rutus Alter 71 DOUBLE COIL PACK(VERSION 2.0)Standard Pack as above supplied with 28cm DD coil, 22cm concentric coil, protective covers and waist bag. 71 frequency se...

GBP 580,00
Detecnicks Ltd (40 )