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Benet's Medieval Artefacts

Benet's Medieval Artefacts BENET'S MEDIEVAL ARTEFACTS follows the same format as previous editions of Benets but is purely focused on the Medieval period. Those...

GBP 25,00
Crawfords Detectorbits (155 )


Mars Sniper Coil for the Minelab X-Tera Metal Detector 7.5 / 18.75khz

MARS Sniper Coil for the Minelab X Tera range of metal detectors this coil can operate on two different frequency 7.5khz or 18.75 khz ,LIGHTWEIGHT AND SENSITIVE, A REAL S...

GBP 139,99
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (98 )



The perfect boot for all weather detecting.   Easy to put on and take off (unlike a welly!) and 100% waterproof (unlike a trainer!)Here are just some of the reasons why ...

GBP 69,99
noboots (0)


CSCOPE 4PI Metal Detector

MDF Special Price

GBP 250,00
Detecnicks Ltd (37 )


Minelab Equinox Waterproof Headphones

Minelab Equinox Waterproof Headphones Waterproof headphones with EQUINOX connector.Can also be connected to a WM 08 Wireless Audio Module.We can only deliver to UK addres...

GBP 124,95
Crawfords Detectorbits (155 )


Fisher F11 / F22 / F44 Mars Goliath Coil 15" X 15"

Mars Coil for the Fisher Models F11, F22 and F44

GBP 160,00
Spin a Disc Metal Detectors (98 )


Evolution Extreme Blade Leather Holster

Part of the Evolution Digging Tool Range

GBP 8,75
rhoco71 (129 )


Anderson Carbon Fibre Straight Shaft For Minelab Equinox 600/800 - Detecnicks Ltd

Anderson Carbon Fibre Straight Shaft For Minelab Equinox 600/800 Inc Lower Stem(2 Piece)

GBP 106,25
Detecnicks Ltd (37 )


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Minelab Equinox 15" Search CoilThe 15x12" eliptical Double-D accessory coil for the Minelab Equinox Series offers you the maximum depth and is ideal for a wider...

GBP 214,00
Crawfords Detectorbits (155 )